Secrets of the Heart

Real Ghostbusters

by Gry
Not for money, just entertaiment, a little bit of fun; with the desire that you enjoy this; characters aren’t mine, etc. (You know it much better than me).



I don’t have the precise words to say how much I love you, how much I need you; I don’t know how I could be so fortunate as to have you… Nothing could be better than this: you tight in my arms… I would not change the lovely curve of your breast, so warm, so soft, so beloved, for all of the world's vain fame or glory; I love to hear how your heart throbs, so full of love… I wouldn’t change any of it, now or ever.

I just want to stay here, in this moment, with you; in fascinated admiration of your beautiful body, at rest in the bed, with your head on the pillow and your hair--precious, deep-brown curls--falling down, adorning, like a frame, your sweet Adonis face… These eyes, two brilliant emeralds, that light my entire life; I’d be blind without their light… These lips, sensual, smiling, trembling lips, lightly opened, inviting a kiss…

The moon is reflected like a pale silver shadow over you, and to me it appears an angel, an angel of love…

I could stay here, in this place, in this way, contemplating you, forever, with tears falling from my eyes… I still can’t believe that you’re here, with me, in the middle of my dreams… I can’t live without you anymore. I need you more than you can imagine, more than I imagined either… please, don’t let me down. Please, for if you don't love me, I’ll die…


I’m the one who can't believe in my good luck, the luck that you chose me, that you love me… You gave me a reason to live, to feel, to enjoy: you taught me that life is more than a frivolous holiday without a path; you took my hand and guided me onto another path, and I am so thankful for that… You’re the light of my days, and the comfort of my nights; you took me into a tender embrace, protecting me from the evil of the world, loving me like I’d never even dreamed before… You gave me more than I demanded, more than I needed, more than I can bear…

I like it when you say pretty things to me, you know? But I love it so much more when you just rest upon my chest, very quiet. I can feel your tears falling down on me, and I know that you were alone for a long, long time, abandoned in a hard, a stern and unloving world. Your sky-blue eyes have cried so much. But that won't happen ever again: I’m here, with you, forever and ever…

I can tell by the way you kiss me--with fear, pain, a desperate hope that this will never end--you're imagining that it will vanish, like a dream, and you'll wake up alone again… That will never happen, not if I can prevent it…

Wherever you go, wherever you stay, I’ll be there, too. Do you remember the first night we were together, at college? I was so happy then, I’m so happy now, and I’ll be happy forever… Believe in me always; remember this always: I love you with all my soul, and I will never let go...

the end


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