Cast of Characters

Battlestar Galactica

Adama Cmdr. Adama: legendary warrior and commander of the Galactica, father of Apollo and Athena
Apollo Capt. Apollo: son of Adama, third in command of the Galactica
Starbuck Lt. Starbuck: Apollo's best friend and usual wingmate, an orphan
Athena Ens., later Ops Officer Athena: daughter of Adama, bridge officer (though trained as a pilot), much younger than Apollo
Boomer Lt. Boomer: pilot, sometimes wingmate to Starbuck, good friend to him and Apollo both
Cassie Cassiopeia: a refugee turned medtech, she was formerly a socialator and Cain's regular date, but since the Destruction she's dating Starbuck
Tigh Col. Tigh: Adama's old friend and second in command
Omega Lt. Omega: senior bridge officer
Sheba Lt. Sheba: daughter of Cain, commander of the Pegasus; a woman pilot from when that was really unusual
Boxey Boxey: Apollo's stepson from his short marriage to Serina, seen here with his robot (drone) daggit Muffy
The Living
Bojay Lt. Bojay: pilot off the Pegasus, bit of a wild card, former friend of Starbuck's
Giles Flt Sgt. Giles: one of the pilots
Jolly Flt Sgt., later Lt. Jolly: one of the pilots, friends with Boomer
Greenbean Flt Sgt. Greenbean: one of the pilots
Deitra Lt. Deitra: shuttle pilot from the Atlantia turned Viper pilot
Brie Lt. Brie: one of the shuttle pilots turned Viper pilot
Salik Dr Salik: senior medical officer
Paye Dr Paye: one of Salik's assistants
Wilker Dr Wilker: senior science officer and inventor of Muffy
Rigel Tech Sgt. Rigel: one of the bridge crew, core control for Vipers
Anton Sire Anton: senior Council member
Tinia Siress Tinia: Council member
Chameleon Chameleon: Starbuck's long-lost father, didn't tell him he was
Siress Blassie Siress Blassie: Chameleon's new conquest
Light Beings Light Beings: angels or demigods or fully evolved Humanity? whatever, they're Iblis's enemies
The Dead or Gone
Serina Lt. Serina: Apollo's late wife, killed on Kobol, originally a broadcast journalist
Zac Ens. Zac: Adama's youngest child, killed at Cimtar
Ila Siress Ila: Adama's late wife, killed in the Destruction (which charred this picture of her; we never saw her)
Ortega Flight Sgt Ortega: Starbuck's bête noir, an all-around jerk, corrupt enough to take bribes to let people onto a refugee ship (in the places reserved for children) and then blackmail them over it, he was murdered by one of them and Starbuck was framed for it
Cain Cmdr. Cain: Sheba's father, Adama's old friend, commander of the Pegasus, maybe dead but certainly missing
Baltar Count Baltar: the traitor who caused the Destruction, he's sometimes working with the Cylons, sometimes locked up on the Prison Barge, and eventually marooned
Reese Security Chief Reese: Council Security, not Fleet, and sort of a bête noir for Apollo, we hope he was killed when the Nomen beat him up while escaping with Baltar
Uri Sire Uri: Council member and all-around sleazebag, we hope he died at Carillon
Iblis "Count Iblis": the Prince of Darkness, we hope he's dead but he's probably just translated to another plane...

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