Rogue Leader!

Original (Fan) Fiction

based on "Star Wars"

Obviously, this owes a great deal (understatement of the century candidate) to George Lucas, and to Michael Stackpole's "X-Wings" and Kevin J. Anderson's "Jedi Academy" series of novels.
No copyright infringement is intended.

Version 1.0

This is the first pass. Eventually, I stopped writing on it... why? I wasn't sure. Then a friend told me:
At some point, I'm not sure where, I started getting annoyed and grumbling... but still reading. It wasn't until I was starting the last story I read, Conversions, that I figured out why, ... to tell the honest truth, I think you would do much better to utterly blow off so-called canon and go your own way. Part of what was bugging me is that you were matching up so well to what other people wrote. Assumption on my part, of course, since I haven't read most of the novels. But on some level, it was coming across that you were having to rearrange things to suit canon, you know what I'm saying? I think what you wrote was good, but if you ever decide to do an AU, instead of a series of glorified missing scenes from canon, I'd *really* like to read it.
You know what? Bingo. In the gold. On the money.
That's why I stopped. I was forcing my story into someone else's plot and characterizations (actually ... lots of peoples') and it was getting harder. So...

This is it. There ain't gonna be no more. I'm not taking it down, some of this I really like, and I won't be able to use it. Nearly everything after "Returned", in fact ... not in toto, but pretty close.

If you're interested, the new, AU version will be here:

Alternate SW Page
If you're not, enjoy what's here. It's good stuff, I think... if I do say so myself.

Generic warning: there's a war on. People die. Angst, implied sex, hurt/comfort, drinking, grown-up talk... anything more than PG13 is noted on the story link (hardly any).

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