Battlestar Galactica Pics
a centon's relaxation for the heroes 
of the fleet starbuck giving giles a hard time for following orders...
battlestars on the eve of Destruction
it's a *peace* envoy, what *possible* 
trouble could there be?
far left: Apollo and Starbuck
center top: Starbuck & Giles in the BOQ barracks
center below: battlestar fleet
above: Starbuck Apollo and Zac just before Cimtar
the naturally gifted usually make 
lousy teachers. Usually. I don't like the looks of this!
left: Starbuck training
Dietra (behind), Athena, Rigel
above: Adama, Tigh, and Omega
on the Bridge
Apollo in dress blues; he *is* command staff. Core Control enjoying her job

Bojay not quite buying it

steady, level-headed, one of the best
of the new Warriors
far left: Apollo in dress blues
center top: Rigel
center bottom: Bojay
above: Deitra
the third man ICOB Station far left: Boomer

middle: ICOB Station, Omega and Tigh

the news isn't good live at five far left: Starbuck, Sheba, and Apollo

middle: Serina braodcasting from Caprica City just as the Destruction begins

you guys don't mind if I smoke, do you? father-daughter chat far left: Starbuck in Cylon captivity, his way

middle: Athena and Adama in his quarters

He started it! okay, just for that, *you're* buying far left: Apollo and Starbuck, the captain not quite believing it

middle: Apollo, Boomer, and Starbuck in Triad gear

in the Celestial Dome Starbuck's best girl far left: in the Celestial Dome, Starbuck and Apollo

middle: Starbuck and Cassie, in the Dome

on Gamoray somebody's gotta remember the 
mission far left: Sheba and Bojay on Gamoray, the Cylon outer capitol

middle: Starbuck and Boomer on Gamoray

the dreaded drone dagget the iron colonel far left: Boxey and Muffy, the dreaded drone daggett

middle: Colonel Tigh, with Adama

worried off duty far left: Starbuck and Boomer

middle: Boomer and Sheba, very much off duty

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