Bridge 3: Thrawn and Jedi Academy Trilogies

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Timothy Zahn's "Thrawn" Trilogy mentions Wedge only briefly, still commanding Rogue Squadron. But important other stuff happens: A Grand Admiral comes out of the hinterlands and attempts to re-establish the Empire. Han discovers Garm Bel Iblis, who's been patiently waiting for Mon Mothma to reveal her true colors as a tyrant so he can rescue the Rebellion from her. Han also finds the Katana fleet, a lost bunch of Imperial warships. Also they discover a species of animals (ysalamyri) that can isolate a Jedi from the Force, a nifty weapon, no? Also, Leia visits Kashyyyk.

On the other hand, Kevin J. Anderson's "Jedi Academy" Trilogy mentions Wedge a lot. He's a general, doing various things, when the book opens. Han goes to Kessel on a diplomatic mission, ends up in the spice mines (there's a slight misunderstanding), and escapes with an untrained Jedi named Kyp (and Chewie, of course). They flee into the Maw where they are captured by Admiral Daala, the only woman flag-ranker in the Imperial Fleet, who's running Tarkin's weapons research lab, where Han meets Qwi Xux, only survivor of her entire race, who was trained by Tarkin and has been working happily on research projects in this most isolated of all labs. Han makes her realize that she's building weapons of destruction. She rescues Han, Chewie, and Kyp, and steals her best/worst invention yet, the indestructible Sun Crusher. They flee, pursued by Daala, straight into a Kessel battle fleet chasing Luke (who was looking for them). Daala is chased into the Maw and presumed dead.

Once they return to Coruscant, Kyp goes to join Luke in his new school for Jedis, on Yavin. And Qwi convinces the Council to dump the Sun Crusher into a gas giant (they pick Yavin, because then Luke can keep an eye on it). Wedge is appointed her liaison/bodyguard, and they start to fall in love.

But Kyp goes bad, very bad--he's lured to the Dark Side by a long-dead Lord of the Sith, and attacks Luke, putting him into a weird Jedi coma ... remember how Ben kept hanging around even though he was dead? Luke's sort of doing that, except since he's not yet dead yet, nobody can see him except Leia's kids.

Meanwhile, Ackbar and Leia go to visit a planet that's just joined, and Ackbar wrecks their speeder into The Cathedral of the Winds (a very sacred place) -- it turns out not to be his fault, but nobody knows that at the moment. He resigns his commission and goes back to Mon Calamar to hide away.

Meanwhile, Kyp steals the Sun Crusher and goes off to destroy whole solar systems that are still not part of the Alliance. He starts his new career by attacking Qwi on the planet Ithor, where she and Wedge have gone on a vacation. They have their first kiss, go to their respective rooms for the night, and Kyp jumps Qwi. In the morning, Wedge finds her in a pitiful, terrified state, most of her memories gone. "Is your name Wedge?" she says to him...

Meanwhile, Mon Mothma's sick and getting sicker, and Leia is having everything dumped on her. Luke's students save him from the evil Dark Jedi who had corrupted Kyp, Kyp returns to the Light Side, Luke is a jerk to everyone (like Wedge and Qwi) that Kyp had injured, because Kyp is so important that he can't be punished. But it all works out, on the surface at any rate.

Except Mon Mothma's still sick, dying in fact. She surrenders her office to Leia, who becomes chief of state.

Wedge takes his battle group to the Maw Installation to check it out, they find a group of the Imperials have managed to get the prototype Death Star on-line, and he has to fight them. Then, Daala re-emerges from the Maw and they have another battle. Wedge wins.

One of Luke's students cures Mon Mothma but she considers herself unfit to run the Alliance, so it's still Leia. (Mon Mothma was poisoned by a treasonous Senator (Ambassador Furgan), by the way, but as Kyp blew up the guy's sun, there's not much to be done about it.)

Ackbar is revealed to have been plotted against and he comes back. And the Alliance dumps the Sun Crusher into a black hole, where no one will be able to use it again.


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