Bridge 2: The X-Wing Tetralogy

Michael Stackpole's wonderful novels are what spawned "Made A Legend"... after Wedge's goodwill tour he is given command of a rebuilt and politically charged Rogue Squadron. Acting as his exec is Tycho, who has escaped from Imperial captivity only to discover that the powers-that-be don't trust him. Because Wedge does, he's allowed a limited, very limited, role in the squadron... And adding to Wedge's stress, Corran Horn, a Corellian, is one of the new Rogues. The problem? He's the CorSec son of the CorSec officer who signally failed to find Wedge's parents' killers and arrested Booster.

They spearhead the assault on Coruscant, including an undercover operation during which Corran is presumed dead, apparently murdered by Tycho (they know they have a spy, Corran was sure it was Tycho and had threatened to turn him in just before the last battle, when he was betrayed). The Empire has released a plague which can only be cured by bacta and which only affects non-humans. Tycho is eventually cleared when Corran escapes from Lusankya with the proof that Tycho was unbreakable. Before Tycho's arrest, Wedge briefly flirted with Iella Wessiri, but (fortunately) her husband returned from being missing in action. Later, he proves to be the spy and Ishard's tool.

Lusankya turns out to be a Super Star Destroyer hidden under part of Coruscant, and Ishard flees the planet in it. She takes over Thyferra, the Alliance won't go against her, Rogue Squadron resigns en masse and Wedge leads them, as civilian mercenaries, to Ishard's defeat and Thyferra's liberation. (Thyferra is where all the bacta in the galaxy is produced.) This is the "independent" period of the picture Wedge has on his walls.


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