Bridge 1: Truce at Bakura

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This novel is by Kathy Tyers. It begins the day after the Battle of Endor. Wedge, back on duty immediately after the battle, is injured when he intercepts an Imperial message drone sent by an Imperial planetary system looking for help. Leia decides to answer them in hopes they'll join Rebellion; Madine wants Wedge in command of battle group but Luke gets a vision from Ben Kenobi and takes over. Hence, Wedge remains in the thick of things and in command of Rogue Squadron. At Bakura, they encounter out-of-Imperial-space aliens on a mission of destruction, but they win. While there, Leia has a vision of Anakin Skywalker but doesn't want to accept that she's his daughter, and Luke almost gets a girlfriend, but cops out at the last minute.


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