Season Five Notes


frankie A note of explanation for those who've missed season 5: Hannibal's movie studio SFX-wizard friend, Frankie Santana, ended up helping them out on a mission that came up during the filming of one of Hannibal's cheesy Aquamaniac movies. It worked out well, and when the team got word of a witness who could clear them, he went along to help with the special effects. Unbeknownst to our boys, however, Frankie was being extorted by General Hunt Stockwell, a shadowy power-player deep in the government, and was a pawn in what proved to be an elaborate scheme which involved their arrest, conviction, and execution.

Frankie and Murdock, who hadn't ever been charged due to his mental condition, were on the outside. Frankie managed to convince Murdock that he hadn't known the lengths to which Stockwell was going, and that he wanted to help free the others. They managed to do that, with an elaborate scheme in which Frankie's knowledge of SFX played a crucial part, but the whole affaire ended in the team's becoming Stockwell's private Special Purpose team. He promised them that he'd prove their innocence and get them all pardoned after they completed a number of missions for him. Reluctantly, they went along. Frankie was co-opted into joining them, and Murdock, finally restored to something close enough to normality that he can function on the outside and therefore released from the hospital, is living near enough their new Virginia headquarters / residence / prison that he can (and does) join them on the jobs. The missions are better supplied now, but they're a hell of a lot more dangerous, too...

general hunt stockwell
frankie and murdock
Okay? Right, then... back to "Like a Thunderbolt, He Falls".
(Picture of Hunt Stockwell courtesy of The A Team Shrine)


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