Alias Smith and Jones
heyes heyes and curry on horseback curry
Hannibal Heyes "Jones" and "Smith" Kid Curry
Universal Studios owns the boys (which is too bad, it really is).
No copyright infringement is intended.

"Alias Smith and Jones" had a simple premise: two nice outlaws ["and with all the banks and trains they robbed, they never shot anybody"] in the Old West (1880) got tired of being on the run all the time and made a deal with 'the governor': stay out of trouble and get an amnesty. Unfortunately for them, the deal's a secret while they're doing the stay-out-of-trouble bit.

So, Hannibal Heyes (the mastermind) and Kid Curry (the shootist) are alias Joshua Smith and Thaddeus Jones, wandering the territories doing good deeds and hoping nobody recognizes them... with $10,000 reward on them. That's each.

As you might guess... the road to redemption is not an easy one.

One word... since in the show they never talked about where they were from except to other people, I'm taking that whole "cousins from Kansas" thing to be, well, not completely true.

My fiction's slash (loving homosexual relationships). If that bothers you, or you're not old enough where you live, please just don't read it.

Sometimes, knowing too much can spoil the story, but I realize that many people want to know the pairings and such. So, if you want detailed warnings, spoilers, pairings, etc, the Fic Warnings Page has it all.

List of Fiction:

heyes and curry on a hotel 
  • End of the Trail: While still outlaws, Curry runs out on Heyes, who's not going to lose his partner. Or his $1,100.
    PG13 - 25kb / 3,778 words
  • Seven Days in Paradise: Two men looking for a holiday... but things just aren't that simple. First there was the Lady, then the Wells Fargo man and the blizzard, and then the murder...
    PG13 - 202b / 33,969 words (so far) hiatus - will be picked up summer 2007
  • The Edge of the Abyss: Curry's planned two days of doing nothing are interrupted by one of Heyes's old enemies.
    PG13 - 36kb / 5,736 words


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